Lip Enhancement

Becoming huge thing! We all want to look our very best every single day, and makeup is one of the best ways to look more presentable and confident. For those who are well versed with applying makeup the process is incredibly easy and can transform the look completely. For those who aren’t as well versed with applying makeup, the task can be a lot harder than usual.


Permanent lip enhancement is a life changer for all who wants to correct any kind of defects such as discoloured lips, loss of natural lip contour, or pigmentation that may appear on the lips. 

LIP ENHANCEMENT – Remember the full, powder-pink pout you had as a baby? We can help you get that back. Our permanent lip enhancement service involves applying a soft pigment along your natural lip line. The effect is an enhanced lip, without a noticeably defined line. This service is also an effective technique in subtly redefining the shape and correcting asymmetry of the lips.

LIP BLUSHING - If you prefer a well-defined natural lip, so lip blushing service may be for you. This technique places pigment in a solid, defined line along the lip line to create fuller-looking mouth then shades it into the lips natural color to look like a natural definition. It’s also effective in correcting asymmetry of the mouth and, subsequently, the facial features overall.

FULL LIP COLOUR – Full lip colour service combines permanent lip liner, either soft and subtle or solid and defined, with a full lip colour. The effect is that of a perfectly painted pout, without the daily hassle or risk of color smearing on your teeth or bleeding past the edges of the lip. Full lip colour service improves lip definition, corrects asymmetry, and restores youth by correcting colour change due to age and smoking. or other factors.